Food Stamps

Do you need help stretching your food budget?

Quick Facts

What is it?

Food Stamps is a federal program that gives families and individuals money to buy food. Families and individuals can be eligible for Food Stamps even if they make too much money to qualify for Families First.

What do I get?

Food Stamps are given in an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card that you use like a credit card at your local grocer to purchase food. The amount you receive each month depends on your household size and income.

How long do I get it?

You can get Food Stamps as long as you continue to qualify, but you need to recertify every six months to ensure that you are still eligible. The Department of Human Services (DHS) will notify you when you need to re-certify and explain the process.

You can apply to get Emergency Food Stamps if you are unable to wait 30 days to receive the benefit. The wait for Emergency Food Stamps is only seven days.

Do I Qualify for Food Stamps?

You probably qualify for Food Stamps if you:

  • Have a qualifying income (see table below)
  • Are a U.S. citizen or qualified immigrant
  • Have $2,000 or less in resources, or $3,000 or less if someone in your household is elderly (60+) or disabled.

Please note: Income guidelines do not apply to households where someone is 60 or older OR disabled. Whether or not you qualify depends on your household expenses. Contact an EBO Counselor to see if you might qualify.

Food Stamps

Family Size Annual Monthly
1 $14936 $1244
2 $20163 $1680
3 $25389 $2115
4 $30614 $2551
5 $35841 $2986
6 $41067 $3422
7 $46293 $3857
8 $51519 $4293
For each
person, add
$5226 $435

Able-bodied adults between the ages of 16-60 who are not working when they apply for Food Stamps must register for work, accept an offer of suitable work, and take part in an employment and training program to qualify for the program.

How do I apply for Food Stamps?

To save you time, an EBO Counselor can let you know if you might qualify for this and other benefits and also assist you with the application. To find a counselor near you, click here.

You can also apply on your own. To apply for Food Stamps you can:

  • Apply online.
  • Visit your local Department of Human Services office to fill out an application.

After the DHS office has received your application, you will receive a notice with a scheduled interview time. This interview will either be over the phone or in person.

DHS Offices

North Branch Office
3230 Jackson Ave
Memphis, TN 38122-1011
Tel.(901) 320-7200
Hours: 7:00AM - 4:30PM, Mon.-Fri.

Wells Branch Office
3360 South 3rd Street
Memphis, TN 38109-0298
Tel.(901) 344-5040
Hours: 7:00AM-4:30PM, Mon.-Fri.

What do I Need to Bring?

To apply for this benefit, you will need:

  • Identification for yourselves and your household members.
  • Proof of immigration status (if you are not a U.S. Citizen)
  • Proof of your household's income
  • Proof of your household's resources
  • Proof of household expenses, such as rent, mortgage, and utilities
  • Proof of child care and medical expenses

The Needed Documents section lists all the forms and documents you can use to prove your household's income, resources, where you live, your social security number, your citizenship or immigration status, etc.