Family Eviction Prevention Supplement


Need help paying back rent?

Quick Facts

What is it?

The Family Eviction Prevention Supplement was started in 2005 by the Human Resources Administration of New York City as a program to pay back rent and provide ongoing rental assistance for families receiving Public Assistance.

What do you get?

If you meet eligibility criteria, your rent arrears (up to $7,000) will be paid, and you will receive a monthly housing supplement for ongoing excess rent.

How long do you get it?

The rental arrears payment is a one-time deal, but the monthly housing supplement lasts for five years.

The payments you receive from FEPS will not count towards your Food Stamps budget.

Do I qualify for FEPS?

You must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Receive Public Assistance.
  • Have at least one child under 18 years old living with you (or 18 and still in high school or vocational school).
  • Tenant of record with at least a one year lease, or live in rent-regulated apartment.
  • Have been sued by your landlord for non-payment of rent.
  • Owe back rent ($7,000 maximum, higher if special circumstances such as disabled household member).
  • Rent is higher than Public Assistance rent allowance (Example: your rent is $800 per month, and you receive a rent allowance of $400 per month).
  • Meet rent limits (See below).
FEPS Rent Limits


PA Shelter






1 $277 $373 $800
2 $283 $373 $900
3 $400 $450 $1050
4 $450 $450 $1100
5 $501 $499 $1250
6 $524 $526 $1350
7 $546 $554 $1400
8 $546 $654 $1500

** The household's shelter expense can exceed the FEPS maximum for family size by up to $100, which will be taken out of the Food and Other portion of the grant.

People living in public housing or receiving Section 8 vouchers do not qualify for FEPS because they do not face ongoing excess rent. They pay 30% of their income on rent.

How do I apply for FEPS?

You must apply at an authorized FEPS organization. Call the Legal Aid Society closest to you for a list of organizations:

Upper Manhattan: 212-426-3000 Lower Manhattan: 212-577-3300 Bronx: 718-991-4758 Brooklyn: 718-722-3100 Queens: 718-286-2450 Staten Island: 718-273-6677

The organization you choose will submit your application to the state, which will determine eligibility and send an approval letter to the organization. They will then send this letter to HRA, which will pay the rent arrears directly to your landlord and begin to make monthly rent supplement payments.

This whole process can take 30 days or more.

If you are receiving FEPS, you must be pre-approved before you move. There are several valid reasons for moves:

  • Inability to pay rent
  • Court-ordered vacate notice
  • Health, safety, or other compelling reasons